Rustic Recall unique furniture and custom furniture

About Us

Our background



I am an Animal Behaviorist by education and have worked for years training and rehabilitating dogs.  I specialized in rehabilitating aggressive dogs, so I have had my share of scares and scars.   I finally retired from that profession although I still miss it.  I had become friends with Tom when I was working with dogs at a local boarding facility.   He became fast friends.  Tom had mad skills in carpentry and wood crafting.  

How We got started


 I had been making furniture for my own use for years but never thought about making it a business until I met Tom Strange, our master craftsmen.   Tom had been remodeling and building homes for years and I could not do this without his carpentry, welding and other building expertise's.  He helps me creatively as well and together we turn our ideas into unique furniture for your home.  All of the pieces we make are unique and one of kind.  Tom and I are proud of the quality of our work and the fact that our pieces are made to make a statement in your house because of their unique qualities.    

Our style


The thing that makes Rustic Recall work is that Tom and I both have a love for rustic style furniture.   We are both lovers of beautiful wood and therefore we enjoy making  furniture.  We keep it rustic but usually add a unique twist, like electrifying the wood, or doing unique refurbishes on old pieces.  



Our New Shop

This is Clyde, he is our marketing manager and always thinks of ways to bring in our customers to take a closer look.  Our customers love to see him and have come to recognize him as part of Rustic Recall.  He has his picture taken at least 4-5 times a day so we thought it would be a good idea to post his picture on our website.


Creating a custom wine cabinet

We finished the Black gum wine cabinet.  It is beautiful as you can see by this picture.  This piece of custom furniture is truly unique.   The client has asked us to build them a matching china cabinet.  


Our new display

Tom and I created a display that enabled us to show more of our small pieces, including our one of a kind lighting fixtures and still keep our rustic design